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Snacks, nibbles, and finger food

Appellation Oysters, spiced pork fat, mushroom shoyu

                                      natural, desert lime  | 3pcs 19 | 6pcs 38
Scallop, mussel chowder, seaweed compote, pancetta, desert lime | 12

Pickled daikon, wasabi, black sesame, puffed rice 2pcs | 7

Cured snapper, hemp seed, labneh, burnt citrus 2pcs | 14

Crab toast, capsicum, togarashi, chives 2pcs | 17

Hazelnut tart, broad beans, asparagus, dill, finger lime 2pcs | 12

”F**k It!!! We’re all in!!!”  | 95 each
A taste of all our kitchen’s creations, for those who don’t 

to miss out on anything (minimum 2 people).

Smoked Kangaroo, witlof, radicchio kimchi, pear 2pcs | 9

Pickled Ox tongue, sambal emulsion, roasted cashew puree | 10

Stuffed BBQ chicken wing, chorizo, caramelised onion butter | 9

Buffalo ke-bao, Davidson plum sriracha, garlic aioli, red coral lettuce | 18

Satay chicken hotdog, celery & jalapeno pickle, sunflower seed | 17

Savoury éclair, Marcel Petite Comté Reservation, pear, caraway | 14

Queensland mango sorbet, coconut, Geraldton wax, green ants | 12

All credit card transactions will incur a 1.5% surcharge  

15% Surcharge on public holidays

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