Oyster, watermelon ponzu, cracked pepper $5.5 ea

Pickled organic radish, walnut puree, nasturtium $7

Raw scallop, dried tomato, kosho powder, whey  $9 ea

Cured snapper, hemp seed, quark, burnt citrus (2) $12

Steamed mussel, chickpea frite, roe emulsion (2) $10

Doughnut, blue swimmer crab, salted cucumber, celery (2) $14

Tart, Somerset farm zucchini, peach, fresh ricotta  (2) $12

Stuffed chicken wing, sweetbreads, Davidson plum hot sauce $9 ea

Smoked kangaroo tartare, rye, anchovy (2) $13

Barbecued octopus, bush tomato, kosho (2) $16

King prawn sandwich, kimchi $16 ea

Hot dog, spiced Merguez, Lebanese pickle $15 ea

Savoury eclair, Marcel Petite Comte Reservation, pear, caraway $14

Marzipan soft serve sundae $9 ea

* Availability of menu items and prices may change.